Heavy Gear Assault brings the big guns with UE4

More and more games are coming out of the woodwork boasting shiny “Unreal Engine 4” stickers: The latest is Heavy Gear Assault, from developers MekTek Studios and Stompy Bot. This brand new trailer – from weaponry contractor Paxton Arms – has been created entirely in UE4, and features authentic, in-game footage.

If the title seems familiar, Heavy Gear Assault isn’t a new game. It was first hinted at in August last year, as a reboot of a franchise that had laid dormant for more than a decade. Since then, we haven’t really heard much, before today’s video.

Vince McMullin, President at MekTek Studios explains:

We are privileged to be amongst the first titles to use Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 4. We will be able to bring all the gritty realities of sporting combat in the Heavy Gear Universe to life with never before imagined high-end visuals. Heavy Gear Assault will truly be the first next-generation mecha game.

MekTek and Stompy are using crowd-funding to raise the necessary dollars in order to make the game, setting the lofty goal of US$900K. At this stage, they claim to have reached more than US$100,000 of that – but it’s impossible to verify this independently as the project is being managed via the game’s website.

James Taylor, President at Stompy Bot Productions explains:

With a rebirth of interest in mecha games, we feel the time is right for a new Heavy Gear game. We’re all gamers and fans of giant robots at Stompy Bot and are dedicated to bringing a revolutionary game to the community. With our crowdfunding campaign, we are appealing directly to the community and are soliciting their participation in the birth of a new era.

We were originally promised a console, PC and mobile game – but at this stage, we’re not quite sure where, or when, Heavy Gear Assault will arrive.

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