Battlefield 4 images leaked ahead of reveal

With EA‘s big reveal of Battlefield 4 just a few short hours away, you’d expect the multinational publisher to be a little more careful when it comes to site security. It seems that someone left the door unlocked, letting a handful of gumshoe gamers in to snoop around.

What they found: Three promo screenshots for the game, none of which were meant for public consumption just yet.



[img_big]center,10936,2013-03-26/crashsite_1920x1080.jpg,Crash Site[/img_big]

The images popped up on Twitter a few hours ago, sending FPS fans into a frothing state of anticipation (and prompting a high-level of bird appreciation).

With the original source traced back to a subdomain, the pics were quickly confirmed to be legit – or close enough that it didn’t matter any more.

The official Battlefield 4 reveal is scheduled to hit Wednesday during GDC, with the game itself anticipated to arrive on PC, PS4 and Microsoft’s (unannounced) new console in holiday 2013. Current-gen versions have not been ruled out.

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