Daylight shows just how scary UE4 can be

…and while we’re looking at scary games, here’s another: Daylight. Traditionally, horror titles are only really shocking the first time you play, but once you learn the twists, turns and triggers, it becomes just another dark map. Daylight is different. The abandoned hospital you find yourself in is procedurally generated every time, so you never enter the same room twice.

You wake up in a hospital room, with only your phone for illumination. Your task is simple: Escape.

Daylight is also interesting from a technical perspective – it’s one of the first games powered by the Unreal Engine 4, which the devs are apparently finding pretty awesome to work with. Zombie Studios reports that the game relies on the engine’s new real-time lighting effects, and behind the scenes, UE4 is making the team more efficient through a number of workflow improvements.

As with everything these days, no release date has been announced for Daylight just yet, but we’re expecting it to hit Steam before the middle of the year.

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