Rain gameplay footage is soggy, a little spooky

In the world of the not-quite-living, ghosts have been seriously overlooked, in favour of their re-animated counterparts. But now, Sony has (re-)revealed Rain, which is set to throw some shifty spectres back into the limelight.

First announced back at Gamescom last August, we haven’t heard anything from Rain since, which is a pity, because it looks kind of lovely. Now it’s returned, and it’s here to stay.

Rain is in development at PlayStation C.A.M.P!, better known as the team behind Echochrome and Tokyo Jungle. The concept was simple: The world comes to life once it starts raining.

Dais Kawaguchi, associate producer on the project, explains a little of what we’re in for:

The story of rain is the enchanting tale about a boy who chases after a girl with an invisible silhouette. After discovering that the girl is being hunted by ghostly creatures, he embarks on his own journey into the mysterious world of rain to save her and discovers he has also become invisible. Players will play as the boy, whose silhouette can only be seen in the rain. Using the unique ability to appear and disappear under cover players must learn to navigate through the unknown to advance. Just like in the real world, what can be seen isn’t everything and using imagination is the only way to reveal the truth.

Think ahead, plan your moves – there’s an awful lot of strategy involved in both getting wet and keeping dry.

No release date just yet, but grab your umbrellas: Rain is headed to PlayStation 3 before the end of the year.

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