Double Fine Adventure is now Broken Age

After just over a year in development, Double Fine Adventure now has an official name. From this point onwards, adjust your Christmas lists to include references to Broken Age, officially revealed over the weekend to coincide with PAX East 2013.

Broken Age

Broken Age

To recap: Last February, Double Fine asked for US$400,000 to help the studio create an old-style point-and-click adventure game. By the end of the campaign, more than $3.3 million had been pledged, and since then even more backers have submitted funds via the Double Fine website.

Details for Broken Age are still a little fuzzy around the edges, but we do know the game will follow the twin stories of two children, a boy and a girl. They live in very different worlds (his more sci-fi, hers more fantasy), but act out parallel stories.

The release date’s also under wraps, but when it’s done, it’ll get here on PC, Mac and Linux. Hooray!

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