Blizzard details Diablo III changes for consoles

Blizzard isn’t resting on its laurels. After spending the weekend celebrating the announcement of HearthStone (described as the company’s “latest and greatest”), developers have also taken a little time to shed some light on the upcoming console version of Diablo III, which is headed to both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Picture tells a thousand words, moving pictures tell even more, so here’s a trailer:

We’ve also learned that Diablo III for consoles will not include the controversial online auction house, taking the game back to a more basic level like the one we fell in love with in Diablo 2.

Instead, gamers are given an online/offline trading option. As long as gamers are playing in the same game, they’ll be able to trade using an in-game menu, a Blizzard spokesperson tells Polygon. We’re also promised “more details soon”.

As well as those obvious changes, Diablo III for console isn’t just a direct port of the PC experience. Keyboard + mouse-specific controls have, obviously, been scrapped in favour of PlayStation controllers. This has changed several gameplay elements – the player character is now directly controlled by the analogue stick, so enemies now attack and behave in a different way. The user interface has also been revamped, with new shortcuts and console-friendly radial menus.

No date yet for Diablo III on consoles, and also no mention of “exclusivity” when it comes to the PlayStation deal.

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