White Knight Chronicles servers to close in June

White Knight Chronicles will soon be an offline-only affair, as Sony and Level-5 shut down the servers for the RPG. The last date for online multiplayer is officially June 18th.

White Knight Chronicles first arrived in North America in February 2010, and featured the Georama system, an online mode that gave players the ability to meet up and socialise. Fans could then take on cooperative quests with their new-found virtual comrades.

[img_big]center,6156,2010-11-20/099.jpg,White Knight Chronicles[/img_big]

Now, according to an eloquent post on the PlayStation Community forums opportunities for this sort of online friendship are coming to a close.

On 06/18/2013, Sony Computer Entertainment America will terminate the online service for the PlayStation®3 software title: White Knight Chronicles.

Thank you for your support till now. We hope you will still enjoy playing offline.

Making things worse, White Knight Chronicles 2 may be facing the same fate – a now-deleted tweet from the official PlayStation Twitter account suggested that both games would be coming to an end. The second game had been published by D3Publisher, and for now, both companies are remaining tight-lipped.

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