Farmerama struck by virtual drought

Drought has hit the residents, agriculturalists and friends of Farmerama, with sparkling blue rivers drying to dust, and lush fields crisping in the summer sun. Animals are dying of thirst, and it’s up to you (and 45 million other farmers) to solve the problems.

While the disaster may only now be popping up in the virtual world, publisher Bigpoint is drawing attention to water problems that face us in real life. The in-game quest centres around a “filthy industrialist pig” named Borsty, whose grime is the source of the drought. Borsty started using cheap machinery to fill his (greedy) pockets with profit – at the expense of the (glorious) Farmerama ecosystem.

Farmerama 2

Farmerama 2

The event’s theme is Water Cooperation, and sees every gamer called upon to work together and tackle Borsty.

Khaled Helioui, Managing Director of Bigpoint, also supports a non-profit organization that initiates water projects in the world.

The sole way to create awareness for this appalling situation is to spread the word online. Access to potable water is no matter of course for far too many people around the globe. By working together, however, we can all take the necessary steps to ratify this important issue.

The quest – and the Farmerama event as a whole – supports UN Water, a United Nations group responsible for World Water Day. Donations can be made to the cause via, with proceeds going directly to families in developing countries, small-scale farmers who are affected by the global water shortage.

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