Riot Games sanctions players for stats boosting

While helping out a mate can be human nature, Riot Games has taken action against a number of professional League of Legends players for doing just that. Known as “Elo-Boosting”, it seems that these high-ranking players were logging in to friends’ accounts and playing for a while, artificially increasing that person’s Elo ranking and making them seem like a better player.

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As posted on the League of Legends forums:

“Elo-boosting” is the repetitive and intentional act of an individual playing on someone else’s account (a “client”) for the purpose of artificially improving the client’s Elo rating. There is no minimum number of games required to be played, nor a minimum amount of Elo gain necessary to qualify as Elo-boosting. An attempt to boost Elo need not be successful in order to qualify as a rule violation.

Elo is the system that records and calculates each player’s skill level, and is used for ranking and matchmaking – so messing around with that ranking is considered a serious offense. Specifically, it’s against the Terms of Use, because it “damages the interests of players of all skill levels because it cheats the internal matchmaking system of League of Legends”.

Seven North American pro players (including two members of the already troubled Curse NA) and one team coach have been reprimanded, earning a 14-day suspension from the game and forfeiting all of their rewards from Season Two.

And that’s not all:

Any further infractions will result in a permanent account ban and corresponding penalties, as deemed appropriate by LCS.

Remember, League of Legends fans: The Summoner’s Code establishes the important of “exercising good sportsmanship and upholding principles of good behavior” – and Elo boosting is neither.

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