StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm fans "aggressive"

According to Blizzard, the release of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm has brought out an “aggressive” playstyle among gamers. The development team has been keeping an eye on both pro-player matches and the public multiplayer experience, and reports that “nobody is close to figuring the game out yet.”

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Former pro-gamer David “dayvie” Kim has taken to the StarCraft II forums to discuss what the team has been noticing.

A few players are really changing up their play and having completely different results than what’s expected by the majority.

Some of the initial balance concerns do seem to be continuing in games whereas the more creative players aren’t struggling as much against them.

Kim reports that the team is really enjoying watching the “super aggressive play” that’s evolving as people explore Heart of the Swarm, even if gamers aren’t quite playing in the way the developers anticipated.

This has traditionally been Blizzard‘s approach to games like StarCraft II – give the fans units and some suggested ways to use them, and then step back and watch as the game evolves naturally. Strategies like Marine Splitting rise up out of the pro scene, and sometimes the developers find themselves faced with ideas they’d never considered – but that they quickly must adjust to, in order to keep the game balanced in future.

At this stage though, Kim reports that Blizzard is still in the “keep quiet and watch” stage.

We’ll try our best to not be too quick to make judgments on things that are allowing players to play a much more aggressive game. For example, yes Medivacs look strong but it’s forcing even the opponents to play aggressive and the constant action throughout the game is looking to be really fun to watch.

We’ll continue watching all the pro and community concerns, but keep in mind we’d really like the game to settle before we step in and make a move.

It’s still early days yet, but Heart of the Swarm seems to be settling in nicely, with many gamers – pro and amateur alike – feeling like Blizzard is on the cusp of something big. Another update or two should just about do it.

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