LEGO City Undercover too big for Wii U HDD

Lego City Undercover is headed our way real soon now, but if you were planning on either installing the game on your Wii U console or picking up the digital edition of the game, you might need to pick up an extra hard drive, too. The game is simply too big!

[img_big]center,9651,2012-12-11/72042_WiiU_LegoCityU_1_scrn01_E3.jpg,Lego City: Undercover[/img_big]

A quick look at the game’s official website sees the simple warning that a new hard drive “may be required”.

A 22GB install is fairly sizeable at the best of times, but remember, the Wii U Basic model (the white one) only has 3GB of on-board storage space. The black Premium model has 25GB, meaning that Lego City Undercover might fit, if you don’t have anything else installed or saved locally.

Fortunately, this is a problem that Nintendo has predicted, acknowledging:

Some larger downloadable titles may not be able to be downloaded with the Basic Set by itself.

Adding a USB storage device solves this issue. You can also purchase the game in disc form at retail – game save data requires a smaller amount of internal storage.

When it comes to which external hard drive to buy, Nintendo offers some pointers: Dedicated power source, USB connection, and a storage capacity of up to 2TB (big enough for plenty of games).

In fact, the company’s gone so far as to provide a list of External USB Storage Devices That Have Been Tested To Work with Wii U for your easy reference.

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