Retailer: Mortal Kombat is headed to PC

It’s been out on console for nearly two years now, but Mortal Kombat may well finally be coming to PC. NetherRealm and Warner Bros are remaining nice and quiet on the plan, but online retailers are listing a “Game of the Year” edition of the game, on a DVD suitable for Windows 7 and XP.

[img_big]center,3762,2010-11-19/MK9_360_ReptileSpit-Desert_Hi.jpg,Mortal Kombat[/img_big]

Back in 2010, before the game was released, series mastermind Ed Boon mentioned briefly that a PC version of the game was “being considered”, but pointed out that the market for such things was fairly small, and fairly focussed on Europe.

As the listing has only so far been spotted on, this PC release could well simply be a European exclusive.

Looking at the website, it seems this new edition of Mortal Kombat should launch in June. At this stage, we don’t know what’s actually in the “Game of the Year UK” edition, but it would make sense for it to be something similar to the Komplete Edition for consoles – that is, the base game plus all of the characters, extra modes and other DLC that’s been released to date.

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