God of War: Ascension patch makes things easier

God of War: Ascension hit last week, and while the game was always intended to be challenging, it seems developers at Sony Santa Monica made at least one part a little too tricky, prompting an upcoming patch to reduce the difficulty.

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Late in the game, a section titled The Trial of Archimedes sees gamers required to defeat three waves of enemies. Sounds simple enough, until you realise there are minimal health and magic drops, and – wait for it – no check points.

Gamers around the world, even seasoned God of War types, have been airing their concerns, with some claiming to have taken more than three hours to get through the short segment of map.

Through the wonders of the internet, however, the complaints reached the person responsible: God of War: Ascension game director Todd Papy, who explained via Twitter that he was in charge of tuning that particular level, and simply “didn’t mean for it to be so hard”.

Later, Papy also explained that the game “will be patched very soon”, fixing difficulty issues across the board.

…and, predictably, he’s now been inundated with complaints from gamers begging him not to nerf the game, explaining that the challenge is all part of the God of War experience.

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