Ride To Hell: Retribution resurfaces with AU R18+

While we’re not sure what’s different about it, mysterious title Ride to Hell: Retribution has been re-classified in Australia, given a new codename: Cook’s Mad Recipe. Whatever you want to call it, this upcoming, open-world story of a returning Vietnam veteran looks set to be Australia’s first R-rated game featuring “high impact sexual references”.

To be more specific, Cook’s Mad Recipe has been rated R18+ for “High impact sexual references and drug references“. It’s also packed with strong impact violence and drug use, with moderate impact language and nudity. This one’s definitely not for kids.

[img_big]center,4776,2010-11-20/RideToHell_001.jpg,Ride to Hell[/img_big]

Nobody, anywhere, seems to know anything about a game with that name, suggesting the publishers are using a fake title – a common (frustrating) practice in Australia. In recent years, we’ve seen Duke Nukem Forever snuck past as 000A, Paper, Scissors, Stone was later revealed as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bloodhunt was Modern Warfare 2, Rise of Nightmares was Stamacsta, and EA offered a pair of primary colours: Project Red (Bulletstorm) and Project Blue (Shadows of the Damned).

In this case though, it’s simply a matter of matching the dots. Cook’s Mad Recipe is listed as a “modified” version, suggesting it had been submitted – and rated – before. Looking back through earlier entries, we find that Ride To Hell: Retribution was also rated, back in February, and given an R18+ rating for exactly the same reasons – “High impact sexual references and drug references“.

We contacted Deep Silver on the topic, listed as publisher for both Ride to Hell: Retribution and Cook’s Mad Recipe, and a spokesperson simply shrugged and grinned.

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