Multi-platform beta for Defiance due next week

The third – and final – beta test for Defiance is being prepared as we speak, with publisher Trion Worlds announcing festivities will kick off on March 23rd, running for just two days. While previous tests have been PC-only affairs, console gamers are being let in on the action this time around, with Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers invited into the fray.

If you’ve not yet dipped your toes in the waters, Defiance is not for the faint-hearted single player. Expect fierce gameplay and some truly massive co-op battles, all wrapped up in a beautiful, evolving, sci-fi universe.

This time around, Advanced Mission Beta 3 sets you up as an Ark Hunter – a genetically enhanced being equipped with a ridiculous array of unique alien and human weaponry, just waiting to be upgraded. You are a fearless operative, scouring the earth competing for alien technology. The odds are against you, but the rewards make it all worth it.

Mt. Tam and Madera regions have been opened up. Freight Yard and Observatory are your best bet if you’re up for a little competitive multiplayer, but the best co-op action is raging at the Cronkhite Bunker and on Angel Island.

…and while that sounds pretty fabulous, do remember that the beta tests are not representative of the full version of Defiance.

Official invitations for the beta phase will be sent out to each appropriate platform next week – head over and sign up now!

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