New Dishonored DLC teased by tweet

Big things may be coming to Dunwall, as Bethesda tweets a sneaky peek at an upcoming Dishonored update. We’d heard rumours of a second DLC pack coming sometime in “early spring“, but this is our first real glimpse of what’s in store – and it’s set to focus on Daud.

News tomorrow

News tomorrow

And that two-word Tweet, as they say, is that.

The image, in case you missed it, is a new perspective on Dishonored‘s opening scene, showing Corvo and Empress reunited after his return from Dunwall – just moments before her assassination. This time around, we see things from Daud’s viewpoint – which is in keeping with Bethesda‘s earlier reveal that the second add-on will focus on the leader of The Whalers.

Leaked PS3 Trophies mentioned something titled “The Other Side of the Coin”, which would make an appropriate title for a DLC pack like this, turning the tables and looking at the supernatural assassin group. Daud has his own set of weapons, powers and gadgets (and new locations!) – and how you play will impact on the final outcome.

Still, we’ll have to wait a few hours yet before the big reveal – let your steampunk imagination run wild!

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