GeForce Tomb Raider fix in the works

NVIDIA GeForce owners have been encountering all sorts of fun features in the recent Tomb Raider release at max settings. Low-quality graphics, performance issues and random crashes abound, it seems, and users, understandably frustrated, have been demanding answers.

[img_big]center,7183,2013-02-26/10201TR9_Concept_Art_v1_TR_Cine_04_TressFX.jpg,Tomb Raider[/img_big]

According to NVIDIA, though, it’s not their fault! No, they say; they were working from an older build provided by Crystal Dynamics, developers of Tomb Raider, and had not been supplied with the release candidate required for them to make everything work A-OK. Bummer.

In the latest GeForce driver patch notes, however, NVIDIA do apologise for the problem and assure users they are “aware of [the] issues”, and are “working closely with Crystal Dynamics to address and resolve all game issues as quickly as possible.” They suggest that until the driver issues have been fixed and the game has been updated to support the fixes, GeForce users should probably steer clear of Tomb Raider for the time being until the issues have been resolved.

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