World of Warcraft 5.2 brings the Thunder King

Update your clients, ladies and gentlemen: The Thunder King has been unleashed upon World of Warcraft with the new content update for Mists of Pandaria released today. Update 5.2 brings with it new world bosses, a new raid, and a new hub specifically designed to help out with those dreaded daily faction rep quests.

The file itself if a whopping 2GB, but Blizzard has packed all sorts of stuff into the patch. Expect class changes, bug fixes and, of course, the new Isle of Thunder, which requires both Horde and Alliance to work together towards unlocking an assortment of quests.

The standard version of raid dungeon Throne of Thunder is also open today – if you want the Heroic version, you’ll have to wait a week or so.

Blizzard has helpfully posted the full changelog, for gamers who like to know all the details, as well as a handy community hub for all stories and conversations surrounding the latest update.

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