Jerry Bruckheimer Games closes its doors

Jerry Bruckheimer Games was founded in 2007 with a great deal of fanfare. Six years later, the trumpets have faded, no new games have emerged, and the studio has officially been closed, in a much quieter affair.

The brainchild of film and TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer (would never have guessed that, hey?), JB Games was created as a bit of a brains trust – designed to come up with game ideas before handing them over to “more experienced studios” for the actual development part.

Jerry Bruckheimer Games

Alas, poor Jerry…

While we haven’t heard anything much from the company over the past five years (in 2011, the studio was reportedly working on three unannounced, undetailed games), we do know that some of the big names initially attached to JB Games jumped ship a while ago. Founding presidents Jim Veevaert and Jay Cohen left to join Zynga and the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences respectively.

There’s no official statement from the studio at this stage, but an anonymous representative has told GameSpot the company is “no longer a functioning entity”. Sounds like that’s that, then.

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