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You’d think that Robert Bowling and Robotoki would have their collective hands full, slaving away over next-gen post-apocalypse title Human Element. From the looks of things though, there’s still enough energy left over to work on an all new title, which is detailed in a new Kickstarter campaign.

The Adventures of Dash couldn’t be further from the doom and gloom of Human Element. The hero of this one is Dash, a 9-year old boy who suffers from narcolepsy, and has a tendency to fall asleep unexpectedly. While we assume this could get a little annoying, Dash’s dream worlds are somewhat more interesting and exciting than the one where he fell asleep.

Robert Bowling, president of Robotoki, has gone to great lengths to make sure each dream world is different.

What always frustrated me working on Call of Duty, or even our own Human Element, was that hiring any of these artists I loved meant one thing: forcing them into an art style to fit with the game universe we were working on. It resulted in stripping away everything I loved about them in the first place. Their personality and personal style was lost in the universe of the game. Why should we adapt an artist to the game when the game can adapt to the artist?

To get around this, Bowling has given each artist their own dream world to design and fill in. It’s not just the background or the environment, either: Dash himself looks very different depending on where he catches a quick nap.

It’ll also sound different, thanks to the efforts of Danny Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy, Canabalt), who has penned a unique, 16-bit inspired score to accompany the game.

The Adventures of Dash

The Adventures of Dash

Robotoki is asking for US$400,000 to fully fund the game, which will pay for the artists, programmers, designers and composers to work for seven months. Funds will also go towards a Unity 3D license and a feature-length documentary about the formation, expansion and development of Robotoki itself.

At time of writing, the project has raised just over $3,000 – and there are 29 days left.

The Adventures of Dash is headed to PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya to start off with in November 2013, with iOS and Android versions to follow. “Other consoles” are dependent on sales of the early versions.

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