Trials Evolution: Gold Edition opens up beta

The closed beta for Trials Evolution: Gold Edition has kicked off in style, and if you want in on the racer, Ubisoft has made it super-easy for you. Just pre-order a digital copy of the game before March 14th, and you’re in!

(Making things even more tempting, Ubisoft and developer RedLynx are organising a track creation competition. The best tracks designed and built using the Trials Evolution editor will be featured in Track Central when the game is launched, and the designer will win some pretty impressive-sounding prizes!)

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is the original game, optimised and enhanced for PC. It’s also got the old-school tracks from Trials HD, recreated for the new physics and graphics engine incorporated into Gold Edition.

Plus, there’s a whole bunch of Uplay achievements to be unlocked, if you’re into that sort of thing:

  • Action 1: Gold Digger
    Obtain your first gold medal in single player career
  • Action 2: Decorated
    Obtain 100 total medals in single player career
  • Action 3: Faultless
    Zero fault any hard track in single player career
  • Action 4: Platinum Privileges
    Obtain your first platinum medal in single player career
  • Reward 1: Trials Evolution GOLD wallpaper
    With this wallpaper, turn your boring desktop into a wild Trials ride!
  • Reward 2: Rider Gear: Top Hat
    Every classy Trials rider needs his or her very own top-hat (and awesome moustache!)
  • Reward 3: Rider Gear- Ancient Armor
    Forged in the depths of Mount Lynx, this armor has no magical properties whatsoever!
  • Reward 4: Rider Gear: Space Suit
    In the Space Suit, nobody can hear you scream. Actually they can but it just seems way cooler!

Want to know more? Head to the official competition website, and hop to it! Trials Evolution: Gold Edition launches for PC on March 21st.

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