New Tomb Raider trailer shows Lara in new light

Tomb Raider is just a few days away, with the rebooted Lara Croft experience set to launch on March 5th. It is, therefore, time for a quick recap. This is not the Tomb Raider you remember. Lara’s not a jumble of polygons – and she’s not a hardened treasure hunter either. Not yet, anyway. What she is lies partly in the hands of developers Crystal Dynamics, but also partly in yours.

That’s the focus of today’s brand new trailer, Reborn.

Everybody’s Lara is different. You can’t change the way she looks, or the way she moves. You can’t change the outcome of the story. But you can mould the character, as you watch her grow from a lost apprentice archaeologist into a bad-ass survivor, who understands “kill or be killed”, and will do whatever it takes to just keep moving.

For more on what we thought about Tomb Raider, check out our preview and interview with Art Director Brian Horton, and stay tuned for our full review.

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