Riot Games sets up shop in Sydney, Australia

League of Legends developer Riot Games is bringing the fun Down Under, with the announcement of Riot Games Sydney. The new offices will feature teams in “marketing, esports and community”, and promises to support the growing League of Legends community in the Oceania region.

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Tamikya Van Der Wel, ESL Australia’s Community Manager for League of Legends tipped us off, with a tweet pointing to the official announcement:

Riot Games Sydney is official. Known for its beaches, opera house, sports scene and friendly-looking marsupials, we’re excited to introduce a little bit of riotousness to Australia’s biggest city.

The Sydney studio joins locations in the U.S., Ireland, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey and Russia – and is currently hiring for a regional Community Manager and an eSports Coordinator.

The new location and staff will work hard to create unique experiences for gamers – both on the web and on the ground – and while the initial announcement is brief, we’re reassured that Riot Games Sydney is just getting started, and will have plenty more to share very soon.

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