Nintendo reveals two Japan-only coloured 3DS

Nintendo seems to be focussing a lot of attention on the 3DS these days. First there was the Luigi-centric Nintendo Direct presentation, then the release date reveal, and now, not one but two new snazzy colours headed to the handheld in Japan. And trust me, these aren’t the subdued pastels we’ve seen in the past.

Nintendo 3DS: Light Blue and Gloss Pink

Nintendo 3DS: Light Blue and Gloss Pink

Those eye-popping colours are Light Blue and Gloss Pink, and they’re currently confirmed for Japanese audiences only, arriving on March 20th.

While they’re not available in XL size, these two new colours do pack a punch: New 3DS units typically arrive with a 2GB SD card – these ones come bundled with 4GB instead.

…in case you thought the Japanese were getting all the cool stuff – they are, but these two new colours do take the place of two older models. Nintendo Japan discontinued both the Flame Red and Aqua Blue designs late last year, so these are merely replacements, rather than additions to the stable.

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