Angry Birds web cartoon approaches

Just when you thought, perhaps, the world had had enough Angry Birds, Rovio pops up out of nowhere and announced a brand new cartoon series, set to premiere on the publisher’s website on March 16th.

Angry Birds Toons will delve a little deeper into the lives of the kamikaze birds, and takes a bit of a look at their porky nemeses, too.

We call this a surprise, but really it’s not. Angry Birds has popped up everywhere around the world, so why should the realm of online video be any different?

Rovio even laid the foundations itself, snapping up an animation team – Kombo Animation – back in June 2011. Since the acquisition, we hear the studio has tripled in size, hinting that Something Big is on the way. Looks like this is it, folks – mark your calendars for March 16th, and head to

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