Watch_Dogs development focussing on PC

Despite the big reveal that Watch_Dogs is an early title for PS4, Ubisoft has admitted that its primary development platform is in fact the humble PC.

The new Intel-based PS4 architecture means that developing for the console is now easier than in the past, and – presumably – the “Xbox 720” will follow suit (the Xbox 360 already uses Intel-based architecture, so it makes no sense to fix what ain’t broke). Now, rather than developing for PC and Xbox 360, and then struggling to make the game work on PS3, the tables are turned.

Ubisoft bossman Yves Guillemot tells Dutch site Inside Gamer that the developer has actually assigned a team to bring Watch_Dogs down to current-gen levels.

We expect fewer problems with porting games to the PS4 than the PS3, which had a completely different infrastructure. Previously, we developed games first on the Xbox 360 and then translated them onto the PS3. It took a lot of time and money to port.

Guillemot explains this could actually lead to two different versions of the game on show as soon as E3 in June.

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