Gears of War Judgment to get VIP Season Pass

Epic and People Can Fly have confirmed that yes, Gears of War Judgment will be accompanied by a Season Pass that will cost you 1600MSP, and save you more than 20% off of the overall price.

…it is, of course, worth pointing out at this point that we don’t know quite what DLC you’re actually getting for your money. That’s not the point, though.

The point is, the VIP Season Pass will get you a permanent double XP boost, a cache of exclusive armour and weapon skins, and exclusive, early access to all Game Add-on multiplayer maps. You’ll also get a “broad range of content” including two new modes, six MP maps and nine exclusive unlocks, once they’re available.

Want in? The VIP Season Pass for Gears of War Judgment will launch alongside the game itself, exclusively for Xbox 360 starting March 19th.

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