Wii Mini escapes Canada, sets UK/Euro dates

Remember the Wii Mini? It was a “smaller, more versatile” version of the console, released late last year, exclusively in Canada. At the time, we were told that an international launch was “not planned” – but today we’ve received word that the tiny red and black box will be arriving in Europe and the U.K. from March 22nd.

Wii Mini

Black is always slimming.

The Wii Mini is a stripped back version of the original Wii console (not the newly-launched Wii U). It is smaller, offers no internet connectivity, has a manually-operated (top-loading) disc drive, and is not compatible with GameCube titles. The machine works with “most” Wii accessories and peripherals, but from the sounds of things, you’d be foolish to rely on that without testing.

Gamers in Europe and the U.K. will be treated to an expanded Nintendo Selects budget gaming collection to celebrate the launch of the new budget console: Super Paper Mario, Mario Power Tennis, Mario Party 8 and Wii Sports Resort will be joining the library (one of these things is not like the others).

Mark your British and European calendars – at this stage there’s no announced price point, but the Canadian version retails for CA$99, roughly £65.

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