PlayStation 4 cloud service not ready for launch

Gamers around the world are getting more than a little excited for the PlayStation 4’s cloud services. The new platform is promising to use Gaikai‘s technology to enable all sorts of fun features – not the least of which is backwards compatibility. Prepare for disappointment, though: Word on the street is that these features might not be available when the console launches in late 2013.

PlayStation 4

The console is a mystery

The news comes directly from the proverbial horse’s mouth, with Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO Jack Tretton talking to Forbes on the matter, describing the additional content as “aspirational”:

I think [the cloud service] will absolutely be there for the device, but I don’t know whether it will be there for day one on the device. I think a lot of these are things that we’re gonna do over time. And with that said, I think there will be a tangible example of all the things that we showed. It’s just a question of how deep it will go, how many games it will involve.

Pointedly, Tretton ignored the part of the question that dealt with whether or not this online capability would be tucked away behind a PlayStation Plus-style paywall.

What he didn’t ignore was the unusual fact that, guess what? Sony doesn’t know what the actual console looks like either (and Tretton is kicking himself for not seeing the omission as “a big issue”).

I was so focused on the content that when I think of the console I think of what comes through the screen, not the device that it emanates from. I just think there’s a lot of natural curiosity: What’s the controller gonna look like? What’s the box gonna look like? We made a conscious decision that wasn’t going to be a part of the first reveal, but I would look for E3 as a time when you’ll get a good look at it. Or sooner.

…or later, perhaps: Tretton and Sony are planning big appearances at most of the major gaming events of 2013, including good content showing at E3, Gamescon and Tokyo Game Show.

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