Watch_Dogs gets new trailer, box art, viral website

A closer look at Watch_Dogs was a definite highlight of last week’s PlayStation 4 reveal, with Ubisoft opening the floodgates on the cyberpunkish Big Brother-inspired title. Since then, we’ve got an open world trailer to share, new box art to ogle, and a bit of a conspiracy theory thanks to a viral website.



One thing to come out of the press conference is that Watch_Dogs will be an early title for the PS4, as well as for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Another is that there’s now a pesky underscore in the title – something mirrored in the freshly-unveiled box art for the game, which looks marginally less generic than we’d anticipated, but still less unique than we’d hoped.

Meanwhile, eagle-eyed gamers spotted a URL tucked away into that trailer up there, pointing to Visitors to that site are greeted with a black page with the inevitable lo-fi ASCII text announcing the page has been taken over by “DedSec”. It looks like the site’s been hacked – but has it?

Quis Custodiet Costodes Ipsos

…that is, “Who will guard the guards themselves?” or, more familiarly, “Who watches the watchmen?”

Just askin’.

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