Game of Thrones Ascent beta swamped by fans

Game of Thrones Ascent, the Facebook game based on George R.R. Martin’s super-successful fantasy novels kicked off its open beta on the social network last week. And it seems the developers weren’t quite ready for the tidal wave of gamers wanting to get into Westeros: More than 100,000 fans converged on the page within just a few days, promptly breaking the game. Oops.

Game of Thrones Ascent: House Targaryen

Game of Thrones Ascent: House Targaryen

Developer Disruptor Beam posted to the game’s Facebook page, offering an explanation into what exactly is going on, and why the game’s stability has been more than a little rocky over the weekend.

To deal with all the added demand–and what appears to be a very large continuing influx of players, we’ve been working through the weekend to install new equipment to support the load. Part of that is transferring our data to a new, higher-capacity database cluster. There are no problems, but the transfer is just taking a bit longer than we’d hoped.

Despite a few hiccups, Game of Thrones Ascent is still open on Facebook (with more than 77,000 likes at time of writing). Remember, it is still in open beta mode, so there may be bugs, and the developers are still making changes.

It’s all going well though! Disruptor Beam shared a few interesting numbers:

  • Players own more than 2 million items
  • 2.5 million quests completed in less than a week
  • 2.5 million achievements earned
Game of Thrones Ascent

Game of Thrones Ascent

We’re optimistic that after this, we’ll be in good shape to deliver a great game experience to all of you and the many people who have yet to join the game.

For a while there, everything was about Game of Thrones. In November 2011, we learned of three games on the way: A Game of Thrones: Genesis (the RTS, out now), Game of Thrones (the RPG, also out now), and Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms, an MMO (still in development).

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