RIP Japanese game designer Kenji Eno

Musician and game designer Kenji Eno, creator of survival horror game D, and founder of development studio WARP, has died in Japan aged 42. Local media reports he suffered heart failure, caused by high blood pressure.

Kenji Eno, by Joi Ito

Kenji Eno, by Joi Ito

The news came to us via Goichi Suda (Suda51) from Grasshopper Manufacture, who posted a Rest In Peace message on his Facebook.

As well as the pair of D titles, released for Sega Saturn, Eno was best known for his musical work – composing scores for a number of games, including Sega Rally 2, and more recently Kimi to Boku to Rittai and Newtonica.

Inspired by gaming events in 1994, Eno created his own studio – WARP – with a small team including Fumito Ueda (who would go on to create Ico), and Ichiro Itano (Macross).

Interestingly, Eno is known for his creation of a cell-phone based payment system for vending machines – just part of his life outside of the video game industry, which also included writing his own music, working in radio, designing hotels and dabbling in marketing.

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