Irrational confirms BioShock Infinite Season Pass

“Get three all-new add-on packs for the price of two,” crows Irrational Games. This is, officially, the first we’ve heard of DLC for BioShock Infinite, and the news comes appropriately bundled up into a convenient Season Pass.

Promising hours of additional gameplay, the Season Pass (and the three chunks of DLC it comprises) will continue the journey throughout the sky-city of Columbia, bringing with it new weapons, abilities, stories and characters.

BioShock Infinite - Season Pass

BioShock Infinite – Season Pass

If you want to know just what is included in the Season Pass though, you’re outta luck. We know when it’ll launch (March 26, alongside the game), and how much it’ll cost ($19.99 or 1,600 MSP), and the fact it’ll include “all three” add-on packs. It’s just that right now, Irrational Games is keeping awfully quiet on what those three packs actually are.

In fact, studio boss Ken Levine has gone for transparency on Twitter:

To be super clear, the ONLY thing that is on disc is the contents of the early bird special. All else not even CLOSE to done.

That Early Bird Special Pack he mentions is available for gamers who purchase the Season Pass for BioShock Infinite. This is packed with four bits of exclusive gear, Damage Upgrades and gold skins for both the Machine Gun and the Pistol and five Infusion bottles that can be used to increase health, shield durability, or the ability to use Vigors.

BioShock Infinite is set to take gamers into the sky on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC from March 26th.

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