SimCity: An open letter from Ocean Quigley

In glorious, time-keeps-marching-on news, Ocean Quigley from Maxis announces that that copies of SimCity are “starting to roll off the assembly line and into their boxes,” all set for the game’s grand launch in March.


Quigley, Creative Director on SimCity, who spends his time playing with filters and tweaking his moustache, has written an open letter to game fans, taking the opportunity to explain “how this new SimCity came to be”. Remember, Quigley was one of the first people to be publicly linked to this new game, even before the big reveal at GDC.

I started out my career at Maxis as the Art Director for SimCopter and for SimCity 3000. From there I became the Creative Director of SimCity 4, where I had the privilege of developing one of the greatest city-building games of all-time. But that was 2003 and for nearly 10 years I’ve been lobbying the higher ups at EA to let me return to SimCity, the game that brought me into this industry in the first place.

A few years ago, we got our chance. The first thing I did was bring the band back together. I couldn’t find everybody, but I was able to gather a core group of SimCity 4 veterans, and together we set to work. We knew that with modern hardware, we’d be able to take ideas that we’d dreamed about back in SimCity 4’s development and make them real.

Ocean Quigley

Ocean Quigley

Quigley – and the rest of the team – want to thank everybody involved in the project, from friends and families all the way up to SVP of Maxis, Lucy Bradshaw. She’s the one who agreed to the project, took a chance and let the developers work towards this shining dream – “Admittedly, I told her that if she cut back on funding, she’d regret it!”

SimCity is set to hit around the world starting March 7th, 2013 for both Mac and PC – but if you want a little somethin’ somethin’ to tide you over, here: Have a tune from the SimCity soundtrack.

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