StarCraft Universe mod pops up on

Sci-fi fans and modders rejoice: StarCraft Universe, formerly known as World of StarCraft, has finally made it to, with Blizzard‘s blessing. This is the game known as the “StarCraft MMO” that caused ridiculous fuss a couple of years ago, despite having been made with Blizzard‘s own tools.

Ryan Winzen, creative director on the project, explains that StarCraft Universe: Chronicles of Fate is available now, but is single-player only while a few bugs are ironed out. Eventually, you’ll get 5-10 person multiplayer support, presenting raids just like World of Warcraft, but with StarCraft II characters, units and settings.

You will, of course, need StarCraft II to play it (as SCU is a full conversion mod), and you’ll have to pick up a bunch of custom maps to make it work properly.

Once it’s all installed though, you’ll have eight playable classes, mounted vehicle combat, advanced character customisation and a custom physics engine. Oh, and it has the voice actors of Diablo‘s Deckard Cain and League of Legends‘ Karma on board, too – and music composed by David Orr from Castle Crashers.

In fact, there’s a pretty impressive team putting blood, sweat and tears into this one – if you’re a fan of StarCraft, World of Warcraft, or decent MMO-type titles, it’s worth checking out.

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