New Star Trek trailer explores Kirk/Spock

Drawing inspiration from the co-operation between Kirk and Spock in the 2009 reboot of Star Trek, Digital Extremes decided to take the video game adaptation in a different direction to where man had gone before.

The interplay between two characters formed the heart of every Star Trek adventure – so why shouldn’t it be the core of the new gaming experience?

Brian Miller, executive producer of Star Trek The Video Game, explains:

Kirk is this brash cowboy character, whereas Spock is the exact opposite – and when you break down Star Trek to those elements, you had to make a co-op game. There was no other game we could possibly make.

For more on what Brian thinks – and why he thinks it – check out this brand new video from Digital Extremes. (This clip’s also packed with details on the game’s backstory too, stay tuned!)

Described more accurately as “bro-op”, Kirk and Spock highlight different elements of modern shooters. Pick carefully though, you won’t be able to switch between Kirk and Spock on the fly, mid-mission. However, if you’re playing and a mate wants to join in, it’s a simple matter of picking up a crontroller and dropping into the game as you take out the Gorn.

Star Trek The Video Game is due out from April 23 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, thanks to Namco Bandai and Paramount Digital.

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