Marvel Heroes turns comics into characters

Marvel Heroes is an upcoming free to play action RPG MMO on the way from Gazillion Entertainment, and – as you might have guessed – it’s pretty much packed full with characters from the Marvel Comics universe. If you’ve ever wondered just how Wolverine, Hulk, Black Widow and Iron Man make the transition from comic character to in-game hero, this new developer diary should make things a little clearer.

In case you haven’t looked much into Marvel Heroes (let’s face it, there’s a whole bunch of free-to-play action MMOs on the horizon), let me fill you in. Take the core gameplay elements of something like the original Diablo, and throw in a whole bunch of your favourite comic characters – including the Avengers. Mix well.

Also add in a little online teaming-up with your mates, some spectacular powers, costumes and gear, customisable toons, and you’re well on your way.

Comic book “super-scribe” Brian Michael Bendis has penned the world-spanning story for this one, so if you think you’re up for stopping Doctor Doom and his devastating Cosmic Cube, you should probably head over to and sign up for the closed beta!

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