What is John Romero doing at Square Enix?

Just this morning I saw that a friend of mine had checked into 14 different train stations. Another checked in at a cupcake parlour, and yet another visited the local supermarket. While that’s not very interesting (sorry, guys), sometimes, social media check ins can be very interesting indeed – like when John Romero checked in at Square Enix HQ in California.

Square Enix

Who knows?

The former id Software developer, who’s been involved in classic games like Doom, Quake, and, ahem, Daikatana, has more recently been working on social offerings including Ravenwood Fair and Cloudforest Expedition.

Nobody really knows quite what Romero is up to these days, but the man himself has shared a big hint.

“Now let’s get a deal done,” he posted, tagging himself on his personal Facebook as being at the publisher’s offices.

Quite what that deal entails is yet to be revealed, but now you have an excuse to check Facebook.

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