Infinity Blade available free for a limited time

Infinity Blade has just been labelled Apple‘s App of the Week! To celebrate, developer ChAIR Entertainment has made the game completely free, for just seven days. Traditionally costing around $5.99, this is your chance to snag an absolute bargain, just make sure you get in before February 21!

Donald Mustard, creative director of ChAIR Entertainment explains:

Infinity Blade remains one of the most popular games in the App Store and this is a great opportunity to invite new gamers into the Infinity Blade universe.

Infinity Blade: Valentine's Day Helm 2013

Infinity Blade: Valentine’s Day Helm 2013

…also celebrating something that’s happening this week, Infinity Blade now also features a special in-game Valentine’s Day helm, strapping a rather fetching Cupid atop your character’s skull.

Infinity Blade was the first iOS title to run Unreal Engine 3 when it was released back in 2010, and is still recognised as one of the best examples of mobile gaming to date. It’s spawned four expansions and one sequel, with a prequel title currently on hold following the closure of developer Impossible Studios (for more of what could have been, take a look at our Infinity Blade: Dungeons preview!).

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