Brütal Legend heads to PC, Februäry 26

Get ready to rock, PC gamers: Double Fine has confirmed that Brütal Legend has been set free from its console-önly shackles, and will be arriving on your platform of choice on February 26th!

Here, have a trailër!

The 2009 smash hit Brütal Legend is available right now for discounted pre-purchase on Steam, and it comes with a whole rider full of goodies. Members of the Order of Early Adopters gain access to the multiplayer beta (live now!), as well as two Team Förtress 2 crossover items. If you’ve ever wanted to rock out in TF2 wearing Eddie Riggs’ iconic hairstyle, or perhaps wielding his guitar Clementine, now’s your chance.

Completing the absolute avalanche of Brütal news, Steam has also launched Peter McConnell’s original scöre, available either alongside the game or separately, and if you’re more into the visual side of things, an ärt book is headed to Double Fine‘s online store shortly after release.

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