Kinect eclipses GameCube's lifetime sales

It’s official: Microsoft‘s Kinect is more popular than the Nintendo GameCube. It’s also just as popular as the original Xbox, selling 24 million units worldwide.


As seen in 24 million living rooms.

(For those playing at home, the GameCube sold more than 21.7 million, back in the day.)

Microsoft also seems a little pleased with the peripheral’s attach rate – with more than 76 million Xbox 360 consoles in the wild now, one in three have a Kinect plugged in.

These numbers make Xbox 360 the seventh best-selling games machine of all time, behind the DS, PS2, Game Boy, PS1, Wii and GBA – or the fourth best-selling home console.

In terms of its contemporaries, Xbox 360 is firmly in the middle: Not as many sold as the Wii’s 99 million, but comfortably more than the PS3’s 70. Wii U, after just three months on the market, has sold three million.

Some more impressive figures: There are more than 46 million Xbox Live subscribers around the world – Microsoft hasn’t elaborated on whether these are all Gold (paying) subscribers, or if it’s simply gamers who access the service. Either way, it’s described as a growth of 15% year on year.

Another increase from last year’s figures: The average (US) Xbox Live Gold user spent 87 hours per month in front of their Xbox 360 console, a 10% increase compared to 2011.

All added up – we lapped up 18 billion hours of entertainment through Xbox services in 2012 – whether that’s games, media, music, or any of the 100+ apps released for the platform.

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