Bungie is set to reveal its Destiny

Big things are afoot, my friends. After what feels like decades of speculation and teases, Bungie has announced it is ready to reveal its new game. Officially titled Destiny, the wraps will come off of the project on February 17th.

Destiny, from Bungie

Our first look at Destiny?

Seemingly in reaction to having kept the game under tight wraps for years, Bungie is planning a bit of a Destiny information overload as we are given our first glimpse behind the scenes of the developer’s “brave new world”. There’s new Destiny pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and a brand new Destiny forum to discuss the latest news, as revealed in a brand new blog post.

Bungie.net and our existing Bungie social channels will remain official sources for news about Destiny, Bungie, and anything else that might tickle our fancy. If you’ve already registered on our forums, liked our Facebook page, and been treating yourself to our sweet Tweets, you’re ready for anything.

If our brand of Bungie humor isn’t your thing, and all you want is a steady stream of Destiny information, you should sign up for the new channels.

Destiny (apparently no longer a codename) has been in the works since the release of Halo: Reach, but the details have been kept well hidden until now.

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