FTL: Faster than Lego?

The latest video game adaptation to pop up on Lego concept site LEGO Cuusoo is somewhat unexpected: Indie darling FTL has popped up on the public voting site, with developers hoping it’ll crack the 10,000 supporter mark – a giant step towards becoming an officially licensed Lego product.

FTL: Faster Than Lego

FTL: Faster Than Lego

The Lego Cuusoo system is an elegant one: Any Lego fan can turn their ideas into Lego concepts, posting them for public voting. Ideas that earn more than 10,000 supporters will then be submitted to Lego proper, for a quarterly review.

If the Powers That Be at Lego also like the idea, the simple fan-created idea will then be turned into an actual Lego product – and the original fan who submitted the idea will receive 1% of the product’s total net sales.

We’ve seen this in action with Lego Portal 2 is currently at the Lego review stage.

Hopefully joining such fine company is FTL: Faster Than Light, in a developer-sanctioned submission.

Gamer and Cuusoo user “CrashSanders” explains that he started out by designing the game’s opening ship, the Kestrel. After that came a Mantis cruiser, an Engi Stealth Cruiser, and an assortment of minifigs including Humans, Rock, Engi, and a Slug.

FTL-Lego-Kestrel FTL-Lego-Minifigs FTL-Lego-StealthCruiser
FTL: Kestrel, Minifigs, Stealth Cruiser

It seems Sanders wasn’t alone in his desire to make real-world spaceships, either:

[Developer] Justin Ma wanted to make a few real Kestrels copies by himself, but I told both Justin and Matthew that we could try to make a Cuusoo project so The Kestrel will have a chance to be officially released as a set. It will bring more FTL fans to Lego and vice versa. And they agreed, allowing me to make a project and promised some community support.

Help was also provided from Cuusoo user GlenBricker, who contributed the Mantis species model, as well as renders and custom decals.

FTL has an expansive, wide-reaching fanbase, leading Sanders to believe that getting 10,000 votes should be “fairly simple”. Rather than calling simply for support, he’s asking for a rapid response. The more quickly FTL reaches the magic 10,000 mark, the more seriously the project will be taken by Lego, and the more likely it is that the game will reach the manufacturing stage!

Act fast – vote early – you’ve got until March 4th.

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