Domains hint at new Legacy of Kain, Wolfenstein

Internet sleuths have been snooping around those pesky domain registrations again, and have pointed out not one, but two interesting tidbits hinting at games to come. Both were picked up by a domain registrar, but while we’re not 100% sure that Square Enix and ZeniMax are behind these registrations, if they’re not, someone’s messing with us.

First off, spotted by Supernnuation: – where Nosgoth is the fictional land you might remember from the Legacy of Kain series. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from that franchise, but that doesn’t mean nobody’s interested.


Could Wolfenstein be making a comeback?

The second – also from Superannuation – is somewhat more obvious: wolfenstein-spiel.comspiel is “game” in German, and this isn’t the first hint we’ve heard of a new entry into the FPS series. Over the past little while, resumes have been popping up online for voice actors, engineers and composers, suggesting that the id Tech 5 game that Swedish-based Machinegames is working on is in fact a shiny new Wolfenstein title. Until now, it’s been known simply as “Project Tungsten”.

ZeniMax is keeping quiet on the matter – the publisher has owned Machinegames since 2010, one year after picking up id Software (and the rights to Wolfenstein).

While the most recent Wolfenstein release was in 2009, and came from Raven Software, there’s no reason things couldn’t have changed a bit in three years – but… at this stage, it’s officially too early to tell.

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