Aliens: Colonial Marines suffers major PC error

While we’re already hearing less-than-stellar reports on the freshly-released Aliens: Colonial Marines, we’re happy to report that at least one issue with the game is easily resolved. Gearbox Software has put in the effort to fix up a “missing executable” error that affected gamers around the world who picked the game up via Steam.

While Aliens: Colonial Marines isn’t officially meant to be on shelves until tomorrow, retailers broke street date over the weekend, with Steam following suit. As the problem first started appearing in Australia and New Zealand, fans thought it was a region-locking bug, but these theories were quickly squished as the “missing executable” bug struck again and again, across the globe.

Now though, Chris Faylor from Gearbox offers a variant on the traditional “have you turned it off and back on again” approach in the official forums:

We’re working closely with SEGA and Valve to address issues where some users are receiving a “missing executable” error despite the game being released in their region.

In general, you may want to restarting Steam and verifying your game cache

While this approach has worked for a handful of gamers, and some other fixes are reportedly working, the problem persists despite Gearbox, Sega and Valve all concentrating on the issue.

Console versions of Aliens: Colonial Marines are reportedly “fine”.

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