Monkey Island's Ron Gilbert to open PAX Australia

The first international guest of the first international PAX has been announced: Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert will kick off festivities at PAX Australia on Friday morning with a special address he likes to call “Storytime”.

Ron Gilbert at PAX 2009, by Ronald Woan

Ron Gilbert at PAX 2009

In addition to the multi-faceted Monkey Island series, Gilbert is a hero in the realm of adventure gaming. His fingerprints are all over classic titles such as Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken and Day of the Tentacle.

After a little time off, Gilbert is now happily grumpily working alongside former LucasArts colleague Tim Schafer at Double Fine Productions, where he recently finished work on (creating and designing) The Cave.

PAX Australia will be held from 19-21 July 2013, set to be the largest gaming festival to be held in the land Down Under. 3-day and Saturday passes have already sold out – but tickets to Friday’s events (including Gilbert’s keynote!) are still available if you act fast.

An assortment of other guests have been announced for PAX Australia, including the team from Red vs. Blue creators RoosterTeeth, and musical acts MC Frontalot and The Protomen.

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