Epic Games shutters Impossible Studios

Even a thoroughly awesome logo wasn’t enough to save it – Epic Games has just announced that after only six months, it is closing new studio Impossible Studios.

Impossible Studios

Farewell, winged bear.

Impossible was formed from the ashes of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning developers Big Huge Games, with former THQ creative director Sean Dunn in the director’s chair.

Tim Sweeney – Epic founder – recalls:

When former members of Big Huge Games approached Epic last year, we saw the opportunity to help a great group of people while putting them to work on a project that needed a team.

It was a bold initiative and the Impossible folks made a gallant effort, but ultimately it wasn’t working out for Epic.

The Impossible Studios staff have been given three months’ severance pay, and the unusual opportunity to form a new company with the same name and logo, if they want to.

The news puts the future of Infinity Blade: Dungeons, a prequel to the iOS smash series, on hold until further notice.

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