SimCity: Goes gold, announces second beta test

It’s really happening, folks: SimCity has gone gold, and Maxis has officially sent the game off for manufacturing. The King of the City-Builders is set to make its glorious global return, starting March 5th.

If you haven’t yet snapped up a Limited Edition, packed with awesome content, you’ve still got a little while to sort that all out – here’s a new trailer to entice you, showing off the “Heroes and Villains” set. Create organised crime with help from the dastardly Dr. Vu, or bring Maxis Man onboard to upgrade your police force to superhero level!

Is that not enough for you? Can you not possibly wait a whole ‘nother month to get your hands on some mayoral goodness? Well, Maxis want to feed your addiction, and ensure you are properly hooked on SimCity, even before it’s officially hit the streets.

The first taste is free, they say – and in this case, so is the second. EA and Maxis have announced a second closed beta for SimCity, to be held next weekend.

The fun kicks off at 6am, EST (What’s that in my timezone?), and runs for 24 hours only, providing fans with an “enhanced version” of the one-hour slice of gameplay that we all salivated over in January.

If you want in on this, head over to and sign up – but be quick, you’ve only got until February 12th!

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