MapleStory in-game divorce rate over 50%

Getting married in MapleStory is a fairly complicated effort – there are rings to be organised, invitations, fees, dates, venues… and of course, a partner. News from developer Nexon suggests that even after jumping through all of these hoops, gamers aren’t necessarily enjoying married bliss for any longer than their real-world counter-parts, with a divorce rate of just over 50%.

Some interesting statistics from Nexon include:

  • The longest marriage in MapleStory is 1,100 days
  • The shortest marriage in MapleStory is 3 seconds
  • The most number of marriages for a single user was 13 (which means 12 divorces!)
  • The average # of days for couples that married and divorced in 2012 was 107 days
  • The average duration of a married couple in MapleStory is 518 days
  • The total duration of all marriages in MapleStory is 40,015,128 days
  • The day with the most marriages was January 7, 2012 with 115 total (January also had the most # of marriages total, October had the least)
  • The month with the most divorces/broken engagements in MapleStory was July, 2012
  • The day with the most divorces/broken engagements in MapleStory was September 8, 2012 with 99 total

For a seemingly insignificant gameplay element, MapleStory marriages are surprisingly popular. reports that more than 28,000 couples have been married in-game to date – but 15,000 of them have been divorced (another complicated process including hefty fees). The worst bit about digital divorce? You both lose your wedding rings, which are packed with all sorts of character buffs.

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