Handheld Borderlands 2, thanks to Project Shield

Want to see more of Nvidia‘s upcoming Android-based, Tegra 4-powered handheld, Project Shield? You’re in luck! The company’s just released a very shiny vide showing off the gadget going through its paces, putting Borderlands 2 right into your hands.

Describing Borderlands 2 as “The best, PhysX-enabled game out there right now”, the video shows Nvidia‘s Will Park streaming Project Shield from a nearby high-end PC – the game running at a super-smooth 60fps.

Says Park:

Project SHIELD will soon redefine what it means to be AFK with its ability to stream your high-end PC games straight to our Android-powered mobile gaming device. Now you can continue playing your game from the comfort of your couch or, well, anywhere else you might find yourself sitting in your house.

One thing that isn’t shown in the video – and something gamers are very curious about – is how well the technology will work when you are streaming over distances a little greater than couch-to-PC. How will it cope with high-demand games streaming from the cloud?

Looks like they’re not quite ready to talk about that yet, but time will tell – Nvidia is planning a series of these videos, and we don’t have long to wait anyway. Project Shield is set to launch in Q2 of this year.

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